Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Its time to get into shape!

Please don't tell me... I know... I have gotten fat

Ahh.... the want to be skinny again (never that I really was) with spring coming, warm weather around the corner and school and family life being so great; what a better time to start exercising? Time for me to get back into shape! The question is how do I do this so called "Getting back into shape?" Never really attempted it and on the few occasions I did; my diet and exercise quit after having to walk up the stairs more than once(haha) but I am back at it again and doing really well. I have been exercising for two weeks straight now and have seen awesome results. I have lost 11 pounds and counting. Just an FYI, for people that want to see how well If am doing. I am going to update my weight loss every week and put it on my blog page on the top right hand corner! I really am shooting for 200 but will go lower if I can and am hoping. For now I am going slowly but surely. If people wanna give me suggestions on diets/exercise programs feel free! I like to see how other people have lost weight or are eating healthier just leave me a comment!

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  1. Go brother, your doing an awesome job so proud of you!