Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon!

Since I am starting to blog there are LOTS and LOTS of things that I wish I could tell about my life and my family but I will just start with yesterdays activity. Yesterday was an amazing day. I woke up and wanted to go do something and remembered that "How to Train your Dragon" had just came out in the movie theaters. I got all excited and looked what time it started: 11:15. I decided its going to be a son-daddy hang out day. Just Evan and I! I was so excited I couldn't stop thinking about me and Evan just being buds. When I got to the movie theater, they gave me 3d glasses because it was in 3d. I never realized that it would ever be in 3d. I was skeptical because I didn't think Evan would keep the glasses on through out the movie but he did! It was so funny that I had to get a picture of it afterwords.
Evan is SUCH a big kid now-a-days. He does things that surprise Tamie and I. This is definitely one of the things that surprised me. He was so into the movie that he couldn't eat his popcorn or drink his drink because every time he looked down to eat, the glasses would fall off his face. It was so stinking cute.
We than set off with mommie and aunt Hollie to find a stupid Maceys (which was like 40minutes away, it was annoying) Anywayz... our day was so much fun. I am proud to be a dad.

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